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 Half-bridge SMPS with current loop control is made use for Embedded Recharging Unit.

 Once the battery capacity gets low after usage, it is required to charge them up to storing percentage or to full capacity for re-usage.

 A switching mode power supply is used for high efficiency for the purpose of safely charging the battery up to the desired capacity.


Battery Packaging

Battery Packaging of Storm is as same as Shark's. See below for details.



 BMS is used to facilitate the equalization at the parallel cell groups, enhancing a longer battery run time.


Energy Meter


 Made use for motor torque control, vehicle energy management system, vehicle communication system, diagnostics, monitoring the vehicle condition, and telemetry.

 Two processor chips are utilized for VCU: MSP430 and C2000.


Motor Controller

 Inverter technology was used to drive the motor, consisting of 6 mosfets and each phase gets controlled by 2.

Battery Packaging

 Consists of 252 battery cells of lithium-ion type.

 Configuration of 14 cells in series by 18 cells in parallel.


 Cover is from aluminium, produced using CNC.

 M-19 core material were cut using laser CNC.

 The motor is of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) type.

 Placement of motors within Shark :


Battery Packaging

 Z-Zero's battery packaging was awarded Mechatronics Design Award by TUBITAK at the 2017 Efficiency Challenge.

 Consists of two packs consisting of 10S10P groups, totalling to a 20S10P package. Panasonic NCR18650 cells were used, consisting of 200 cells.


Battery Packaging with BMS attached:





LCD Screen

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