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Mediterranean Storm - 2019

 EVDC has produced Battery Management System (BMS), Embedded Recharging Unit, Battery Packaging and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) for "Storm" EV.

 "Storm" is lightweight at 130 kg with motors included, as manufactured fully from carbon fiber with no paint on.

 "Storm" came 5th among 80 participating university teams at the 15th Efficiency Challenge organised by TUBITAK under TEKNOFEST scope.

Mediterranean Shark - 2018


 Produced from carbon fiber and honeycomb foam, different molds. 

 Chassis is manufactured from aluminum.

 Shark has clinched to 9th place at the Efficiency Challenge 2018.

Z-Zero - 2017

 "Z-Zero" has been awarded "Mechatronics Design Award" by TUBITAK Efficiency Challenge for its battery packaging design.

 First T.R.N.C. participation in TUBITAK Efficiency Challenge.

N.O. 1 - 2018


 N.O. 1 is a concept car, designed for autonomous use. It follows the C.A.S.E. idea, Connected. Autonomous. Shared. Electric.